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What does Scripture say? Does the ‘breaking of bread’, as described in Acts 2:42, refer to Communion (The Lord’s Supper) or to a common meal, where in Jewish culture, ‘Berakah’ is said and bread is literally broken before the meal commences? “And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and […]

Agapé – The Love Feast

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What does Scripture say? Hatred of the Jewish people should have no part in the lives or theology of believers. We should remember where our Lord and Saviour, who is forever identified with the Jewish people, was born. Jesus came to bring the message of salvation to Israel, the chosen […]

Christian Anti-Semitism

What does Scripture say? Tattoos: Should Christians have them? Tattoos have become very popular with believers and non-believers alike. It is increasingly hard to tell Christians apart from the rest of the world who cover their bodies with tattoos and piercings. All too often, believers are heard saying that they […]


What does Scripture say? Easter: Should We Celebrate It? Neither Paul, the apostles, nor the early church celebrated the resurrection of Christ at Easter; they observed Passover. So, why do Christians continue to observe the Roman Catholic festival of Easter, which has no biblical foundation at all? From The New […]


What does Scripture say? On the surface, Halloween looks harmless and a lot of fun for children and adults alike: carving pumpkins, dressing up in scary costumes, trick-or-treating, divination games, watching horror movies, visiting haunted houses, partying and drinking. In reality, however, Halloween desensitises our children by exposing them to […]


What does Scripture say? Christmas: Should We Celebrate It? Neither Paul, the apostles, nor the early church celebrated the birth of Christ on the 25th of December. So, why do Christians continue to observe the Catholic festival of Christmas, which has no biblical foundation at all? New Testament Scripture does […]


What does Scripture say? There are many reasons why a believer may be out of church and denied fellowship. Often, their stand for the truth (Jude1:3), rejection of false teachings and desire to proclaim the true gospel result in their being ostracised from their local church and shunned by those […]

Love One Another

What does Scripture say? Angels are created, invisible, immortal, spiritual beings endowed with moral judgement and intelligence, but without physical bodies, serving and carrying out the will of God and ministering to believers whom they guide, protect and comfort. The word ‘angel’ appears in the New Testament more than 177 […]


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What does Scripture say? How are believers in Christ to walk in their faith? The pressures of this sinful world increase, year-on-year, trying to force believers to live by its principles and to conform to its unbiblical values. How are we to walk in our faith and be different from […]

Walking in Obedience (1)